Behind the Scenes

Hi, I'm JoAnn Cutler and am a Gold Coast based artist. My subjects often follow a sea theme, due to a love of the ocean and the beauty of my natural surroundings. I find delight in florals and animals, bringing a sense of whimsy to my creations. 

Please see my video profile here with a small sample of my work.

JoAnn Cutler Image

I am inspired by colourful, loose and expressive multimedia artwork and bold colour abstract portraiture. Whereas I want some form of realism in my portraits, I also explore multimedia, bold colours, textures and doodles. My colour selections are broader, based on colour strings rather than a strict interpretation of styles like Fauvism but I use unnatural colours to show tonal values.

I'd be delighted to do a custom artwork or portrait for you. Please reach out and lets work together creating something truly unique and amazing!